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NC Women’s 4.0-4.5 Singles – Final Four

In the NC Women’s 4.0-4.5 Singles league there are 11 teams vying for a playoff spot. Depending on who is available and who you are up against, your matches can run the gamut of an easy win to a hard loss with hopefully more than a few evenly matched games. It’s the take away after the matches that is important. Did I start well but run out of steam? Were my serves or returns effective in helping me win points? What could I have done differently or more consistently to have won the match? How can I counter my opponent’s style of play? These questions and more will help you when you have to play that person again. Three of the four teams in the 4.0-4.5 Singles playoffs have teams in the 4.5-Open Singles league. The team that is currently #1, RC Lake Bluff, does not have a 4.5-Open Singles team but does have a solid group of singles players to round out their team. Last year RCLB was also in first place but lost in the playoffs to #4 Midtown-Palatine who won the league. This year #4 Northbrook 1 will take on RCLB and one of the two Midtown-Bannockburn’s teams MTB 1 or MTB 2 will make it to the Finals. The playoffs are on Thursday, April 30th. Good luck everyone.

NC Women’s 3.0 – Final Four

The NC Women’s 3.0 league is the league where players get their feet wet…not literally… but then again my feet do sweat so…we’ll leave it at that. This league will have a range of beginner players. This is the league where you start learning the geometry of doubles. Eventually some of the things your pros are telling you will make more sense. And like all of us, what the pros are telling us may make sense but it’s sometimes hard to get us to do what we’re supposed to do. Keep at it! The shots and strategy will start to gel. This year #1 NSRC, who was last year’s runner-up, would like to keep their #1 status. But they first have to play against #4 Midtown-Palatine. #2 Lakeshore is a newcomer to this league. They are a dedicated group of players with most of the players playing fairly often in this league. They will be playing against #3 College Park East who also have a dedicated group of players. These two team are fairly evenly matched. When they played each other in the regular season, they tied 6-6. Which teams will advance? Stay tuned…playoffs take place on April 30th Good luck everyone!!

NC Women’s 3.5 – Final Four

The NC Women’s 3.5 league started the season with 10 teams but ended the season with 8 teams. In forming their teams, most captains have a fair idea of how many players they need to fill their lineups. But sometimes, as the season gets under way, the reality may be different from what the captains envisioned. Such was the case when FSSC and MTB decided to drop out of the league rather than struggle through the rest of the season with defaults. With the standings readjusted, the rest of the teams settled in. #1 Midtown-Palatine suffered only one match loss at the beginning of the season against The Racquet Club of Lake Bluff and did not give up a lot of points the rest of the season. They will come up against #4 Lincolnshire. #2 Midtown-Chicago will play against #3 RC Lake Bluff. These two teams just played each other on 4/22 with RCLB coming up on top. But a few months back MTC won. We shall see who will be in the Finals. Playoffs take place on 4/29. Good luck everyone!

NC Men’s 4.0-4.5 Singles Playoffs – April 26th

The Racquet Club of Lake Bluff is on the hunt for a chance to win the Men’s 4.0-4.5+ Singles trophy for the 3rd time. Standing in their way will be #4 Glenbrook who has added a couple of players who have helped them move up to the #4 spot. #2 Libertyville 1 (they have 2 teams) came so very close last year against RCLB in the Finals. But first they need to face #3 North Shore. Who will the Finalists be this year? Will it be a 3-peat for RCLB? Or will there be a new Champion? Stay tuned. And good luck everyone!

NC Men’s Open – Final Four

The NC Men’s Open League is CITA’s top level men’s league. For the many juniors who have learned at our clubs, who have played tournaments and gone on to play college tennis and perhaps even tested themselves on the ATP tour, for those players who still want to test their abilities, this league is where they will get tested. There are only four teams in this league which means they know they will automatically be in the Playoffs. But these four teams have committed to keeping this league alive in order to have a consistent place for players to test themselves. Some of the club’s pros play in this league and find that their egos may get a bit bruised if they come up against a former high ranking ATP player. But there is an admiration that comes with good play. Because there are only 4 teams, the players have gotten to know each other a bit better which in turn makes this a good league to be in. This year, #1 College Park will face #4 Midtown-Chicago in the Playoffs. For the last 2 years these two teams have faced each other in the Finals. Last year Midtown-Chicago won, two years ago, College Park won. Which team will make it to the Finals? For the other Playoff match #2 North Shore will face #3 River Trails. Both of these teams are probably happy to not have to face CPAC-East or MTC but they still have their work cut out to get to the Finals! Good luck everyone.

NC Men’s 4.0 – Final Four

Richard Michalski, Northbrook’s behind the scenes captain, stopped me last week and asked me to let him know if his team makes it into the playoffs. I didn’t understand why he was asking me this until I looked at the schedule and saw that his team had a Bye and was at the mercy of the other teams and their outcomes. While his team was in 3rd place, he knew that anything could happen in the final regular season match. Libertyville who was in 4th place had a big win over Five Seasons which catapulted them into 3rd place pushing Northbrook’s team down to 4th place. Glenbrook had a solid win over College Park East 1 but it was not enough to push Northbrook out of the playoffs. River Trails had a strong showing against Midtown-Bannockburn though they had a big enough lead in the #1 spot to not have to worry about losing a playoff spot. And Midtown-Palatine came in 2nd with a win over College Park East 2. So the matchups are as follows: River Trails vs. Northbrook and Midtown-Palatine vs. Libertyville. In this league, who gets into the Finals will all depend on who is available to play in this round of the Playoffs. The matches will take place on May 2nd. Good luck everyone!

NC Women’s Open Red – Final Four

The North Central Open Red league has some big hitters, especially on court 1. It can be a humbling experience to play against some of these top level players but it also serves as a source of inspiration to become craftier, braver, steadier and faster. So for any of you who have lost badly, I feel your pain AND use it to move your game forward. This league started with 5 teams but midway through the season, Lincolnshire, in fairness to the league, decided to drop out. We hope a few additional players to their team will bring them back next season!! So who was going to be in the Final Four was not going to be a surprise to any of the teams. Here are the playoff matchups: #1 Northbrook will play against #4 College Park and #2 North Shore will play against #3 Glenbrook. You can be sure it will be very competitive but fun! Good luck everyone!!

NC Women’s Open Green – Final Four

River Trails was 9 points behind Libertyville going into the final match of the regular season. They had a big win over Midtown-Bannockburn’s Team 1 giving them 13.5 points. Could they hope to be in the playoffs? First, they had to wait to find out the outcome between Midtown-Bannockburn’s Team 2 and Libertyville. Things were looking hopeful as MTB 2 only allowed 2 points in the top half but when the bottom half scores appeared in the late afternoon their hopes faded. They were behind Libertyville by 1.5 points. So Libertyville is the #4 team and will play against the formerly #2 team but now #1 team Midtown-Palatine who had a big win over Five Seasons. The former #1 team RCLB slipped down to the #2 spot and will play against MTB 2. The playoffs will be on May 1st.

NC Women’s 4.5-Open Singles Playoffs – Final Four

The NC Women’s 4.5-Open Singles league ended their regular season with Northbrook in 1st place, Midtown-Bannockburn 2 in 2nd place, Glenbrook in 3rd place and Midtown-Bannockburn 1 in 4th place. There are many styles of singles play at this level. Some players are backcourt players who hit flat or with a lot of topspin. Others have a serve and volley game. And still others incorporate a mixture of both depending on who they are playing against. Singles helps your doubles games and doubles helps your singles game. If you haven’t thought about playing singles, give it a try (or two). It’s a great form of exercise! The playoffs will match Northbrook against Midtown-Bannockburn 1 and Midtown Bannockburn 2 against Glenbrook. The playoffs take place on April 30th. Good luck everyone!

NCW 3.0-3.5 Singles – Final Four

The NC Women’s 3.0-3.5 Singles League’s last regular season match took place on 4/16/15. There are 5 teams in this league – Midtown-Palatine, RC Lake Bluff, North Shore, Glenbrook and College Park East. For anyone who wants to improve their game, both mentally and physically, playing singles will help you. Let your pros know you are interested in playing singles. On 4/16/15, Midtown-Palatine had a strong showing against North Shore and ended the regular season in the top spot. RC Lake Bluff also had a strong showing against Glenbrook while College Park East had a Bye. The Final Four pairings are as follows: #1 Midtown-Palatine vs. #4 Glenbrook and #2 RC Lake Bluff vs. #3 North Shore. The playoffs will take place on Tuesday, April 28th to avoid any potential conflicts with the NCW3.0 Doubles Playoffs. Good luck everyone!

NCW 4.0 Wed – Final 4

The NC Women’s 4.0 Wednesday’s regular season ended on 4/15/15. Three of the four teams who made it to the playoffs this year were in the playoffs last year. Lakeshore held on to the #1 spot for most of the year except for one time when #2 North Shore overtook them. Midtown-Chicago, last year’s Champion, came in 3rd. Midtown-Palatine, the 4th place finisher, started the season in the middle of the pack at the beginning of the season but a big win in December propelled them into 4th place which they held on to after the final regular season match. Playoffs begin on Wednesday, April 29th with Lakeshore playing against Midtown-Palatine and North Shore playing against Midtown-Chicago. The Finals will be hosted by Five Seasons on May 6th at 11AM.


Playoff Season is just around the corner. The Northwest Leagues will start their playoffs this week and in two weeks the North Central leagues will start their playoffs. Which team will have their name on the trophy this year?

CPAC Serves

College Park Athletic Club is hosting an event on Friday, March 6th @ 630pm for CPAC Serves as CPAC’s Top pros take on the Best of NCAA Division I! This year, we are raising money for Spark Ventures (, a non-profit organization that starts businesses in under-resourced communities around the world to provide education, medical care, and housing to vulnerable children. Get your ticket today (only $25 online) by going to!

Boys High School League Champions – RC Lake Bluff

RCLB Boys High School League Champions

NSRC Boys High School League Finalists

The Boys High School League started out the season with 7 hopeful teams. College Park had two teams in the playoffs but the teams from The Racquet Club of Lake Bluff and North Shore Racquet Club prevailed in the playoffs. RCLB won 3 out of the 4 matches. On court 1 RCLB’s Alex Prindle and Jackson Smyth played against NSRC’s Will Neild and Griffith Parry. Neild/Parry started out strong winning the 1st set 6-4 but Prindle/Smyth regrouped and won the next two sets 6-2, 6-2. On court 2, RCLB’s Brooks Berish and Jack Williams took on NSRC’s Davis Ryan and Luke Sclamberg and won 6-1, 6-2. On court 3, NSRC’s Kyrus Tsai and Andrew Wayne prevailed over RCLB’s Peter Daluga and Jason Daluga with a 6-2, 6-2 win. On court 4, the opponents were evenly matched. RCLB’s Sam Warren and Daniel McEvoy squeaked out a win over NSRC’s Brent Saltzman and Jon Benishay 7-5, 7-6. Great playing everyone!

Mixed Doubles Social

Northbrook Racquet Club hosted a CITA sponsored Mixed Doubles Social event with Rob Rodriguez running the show. Rob loosened everybody up by providing music on the court and a short drill to get us moving. There were twelve participants who played with different partners and socialized afterwards. A great way to spend a Saturday night instead of in front of the TV!

Mixed Doubles Social Jan 31st at NRC

Northbrook Racquet Club will be hosting a CITA sponsored Mixed Doubles Social event on Saturday, January 31st from 7pm-9pm. The level will be 8.0-9.0 with Rob Rodriguez helping to create fun matchups with the teams. You do not have to be a member to participate and the more the merrier. There will be light fare and refreshments. The cost is $25/person. For more information contact Rob Rodriguez on his cell (773) 213-0100 or email him,

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year! We are halfway through our season. I hope you were able to recover from the holiday feasts and are ready to play! Tennis is a great way to get and stay in shape. I’m incorporating more singles to my game so that I can improve my consistency. It’s always a good idea to talk to one of the pros at your club who knows your game to give you some goals to work on throughout the year. I need to work on my footwork. With regular focused practice on a particular shot or in my case, foot movement, you’ll find your arsenal expanding making the game much more exciting.

Mixed Doubles Social Event on Dec. 5th at Five Seasons Sports Club

Five Seasons Sports Club will be hosting an 8.5 Mixed Doubles Social event on Friday, December 5th from 7pm-9pm. The cost at this event will be $25 per person with some light refreshments provided for those who want to cool down and socialize after playing. The preference is for players to sign up as a team but if you are interested and currently don’t have a partner, Mike Friedman will put you on a list and try to match you up. Contact Mike Friedman by emailing him:

Mixed Doubles Social Event at North Shore Racquet Club

North Shore Racquet Club will be hosting a 8.0-9.0 Mixed Doubles Social event on October 11th from 6pm-8pm. This will be one of a series of Mixed Doubles events that will take place at various CITA member clubs throughout the indoor season. The cost at this event will be $25 with some light refreshments provided for those who want to cool down after playing. The preference is for players to sign up as a team but if you are interested and currently don’t have a partner, Jerry Morse-Karzen will put you on a list and try to match you up. Contact Jerry Morse-Karzen for more information at either the club – 847-729-0450 or his cell phone – 847-858-0860 or by email –

2014-2015 Season starts on September 7

Welcome and welcome back! I hope everyone had many opportunities to play a lot over the summer and maybe introduce tennis to your friends and family. Contact your club and let them know you are available to play and enjoy the comaraderie and competition our leagues offer.

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