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NC Men’s 4.5 Singles Champions – RC Lake Bluff (again)

To say that the teams from RC Lake Bluff and Libertyville are rivals would be an understatement. For the last four years, the Racquet Club of Lake Bluff has held up the trophy. Libertyville came very close to taking the trophy away from them 2 years ago but that was then. RCLB’s team for the finals was Peter Krizman (captain), Dennis Dobrin, Nick Andres and Johannes Tauscher. Libertyville’s team was Matt Deans(captain), David Currie, Jim Nelson and Jon Stauffer. RCLB took the top 3 courts and Libertyville won the 4th court due to retirement. RCLB raises the trophy once again winning 3-1.

RCLB Men's 4.5 Singles Champions

NC Men’s 4.0 Singles Champions-College Park East

This year we split the Men’s Singles into two levels. There is a stalwart group of guys who are willing to get moving early in the morning. The season started with five teams with four of the teams making it to the playoffs. This year Midtown-Palatine was out of the running being the 5th place team which left Libertyville, College Park, Five Seasons and North Shore to duke it out in the Playoffs. The 1st place team Libertyville played against the 4th place team North Shore. BUT Libertyville had a bit of bad luck with one of their players getting sick that morning and another of their players injuring himself in the 1st set. North Shore edged out Libertyville to get to the finals by taking the match to 3 sets on court 1. College Park had to get past Five Seasons to make it to the Finals which they did winning 3 out of the 4 matches. College Park played North Shore in the Finals winning 3 matches. Two of the matches went to a match tie-breaker but the solid wins on courts 1 and 3 gave CPAC the advantage. They got to take home the trophy!

CPAC Men's 4.0 Singles Champions

American Cancer Society Tennis Event – May 12th

For those of you who are not playing in the CITA Singles Finals or 3.0 Doubles Finals, there is an American Cancer Society tennis event being held at various clubs around the North Shore. Please go to and click on Events – North Shore Tennis for more information.

Jerry Morse-Karzen inducted into the USTA Midwest Section 2015 Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Jerry Morse-Karzen on being inducted into the USTA Midwest Section 2015 Hall of Fame. One of the great aspects of tennis is the fact that it is a sport the whole family can enjoy. Jerry took it to a competitive level playing father-son tournaments with his father and then with his son and daughter. I’ve included a link listing Jerry’s many accomplishments. Wish him a hearty congratulations. He has done a lot for our tennis community! Thank you Jerry!

CITA Leagues Start Sept. 9th

Are you ready for another great season of tennis? The 2015-2016 CITA Leagues begin on September 9th with the Women’s 3.5 league. We have a myriad of levels for both singles and doubles. Our singles leagues are on Thursday for the women and early on Sunday mornings for the men. Most of our women’s leagues take place on Wednesday or Friday with our lowest level 3.0 league on Thursdays. The men’s doubles leagues are all on Saturday (3.5-Open) with each level playing every other week. For information on the leagues, call Ann Taylor at 847-236-0726 or contact one of our member clubs. Click on “Clubs” to find a club near you.

CITA Leagues take a Summer Break

During the summer months, while CITA is on hiatus, there are numerous opportunities for players to play tennis. There are leagues you can join but often the best tennis is when you call up another player and ask them to play. We hope our leagues provide a nice cross-section of players you enjoy playing with and against. Make the call. The other player will feel honored you thought about them. Happy Summer!

Girls High School Champions – Lincolnshire

Girls High School Finals between Lincolnshire and RC Lake Bluff

Team Lincolnshire took home the Girls High School league trophy for the 2nd year in a row. While there were a few returning players from last year, there were a few new faces added to the mix. Lincolnshire’s opponent, RC Lake Bluff, did the best they could, but Lincolnshire came out strong and remained strong throughout. On court 1 LINC’s Kate Harvey/Elizabeth Ferdman took on RCLB’s Gabrielle Prindle/Callie Klein and won 6-1, 6-1. On court 2 LINC’s Bronwyn Heidkamp/Lily Tiemeyer played against RCLB’s Emily Gorczynski and won 6-0, 6-1. On court 3 LINC’s Sam Burger/Patricia Dizon matched up against RCLB’s Grace Chatas/Juliet Prindle and won 6-2, 6-2. Lincolnshire won 3-0 and took home the trophy!

NC Men’s Open Champions – North Shore

NSRC Men's Open team looking relaxed after the win.

The Men’s Open Championship pitted Team North Shore against Team Midtown-Chicago. Midtown-Chicago had won the trophy last year but this year it was North Shore’s turn. Both teams have some incredible players on their teams who put on a display of great tennis. North Shore took the trophy away from Midtown-Chicago with a 5-1 win. Go to for more details on the match.

NC Men’s 4.5 Champions – RC Lake Bluff

RCLB winning Men's 4.5 Championship

The team from The RC Lake Bluff put a stop to River Trails running away with another trophy. The matches were all running long with many long points. RCLB won court 1, 2, & 4 in 2 sets; RTTC won courts 3 & 6 in 2 sets and won court 5 as well but because it was a 3 setter, the win went to RCLB who won in sets 7-6. Go to for more details on the match.

NC Men’s 4.0 Champions – River Trails

River Trails win NC Men's 4.0 Championship

River Trails was on a roll. Their Men’s 3.5 team just won their finals. And now their Men’s 4.0 team did the same against Midtown-Palatine. They had some help with a default by Midtown-Palatine and one can only wonder what might have happened if MTP had their full lineup. The matches were close with two of the courts going to 3 sets and the other courts close 2 set matches as well. River Trails prevailed with a 4-2 win over Midtown-Palatine. Go to for more detail on the matches.

NC Men’s 3.5 Champions – River Trails

River Trails NC Men's 3.5 Champions

For the 2nd year in a row, River Trails has won the NC Men’s 3.5 league. North Shore took them to 3 sets on court 1 but the rest of the courts were all River Trails. There were a few tense moments, a little bit of attitude here and there but in the end, gracious handshakes ended the matches. Go to for more detail on the matches. “Like” our page!!

NC Women’s Open Green Champions – RC Lake Bluff

RCLB NCW Open Green Champions

Midtown-Palatine and RC Lake Bluff took to the courts at Five Seasons Sports Club for the finals of the NC Women’s Open Green league. It came down to what happened on court 5. The matches were tied 3-3, but RCLB won 7 sets to MTP’s 6 sets. Super interesting matches…especially court 6. It’s been a few years since RC Lake Bluff’s name was on the trophy so this was a sweet victory for them.

NC Women’s 4.5 Red Champions – Lakeshore

Lakeshore and Midtown-Chicago trekked up from the city to play at Glenbrook Racquet Club for the finals of the NC Women’s 4.5 Red league. Both teams had recently played against each other in the mini-playoffs of the NWW4.5 Red. Lakeshore prevailed in that event. And Lakeshore wanted to keep the momentum of that win alive with a win in this league. And they did winning 4-2.

NC Women’s 4.5 Green Champions – North Shore

Midtown-Bannockburn and North Shore Racquet Club met at Glenbrook Racquet Club to play in the finals of the NC Women’s 4.5 Green league. Both teams have seasoned players. During the regular season, when they played each other, it was close. The two times they played North Shore came out ahead, 9.5-8.5, both times. Maybe those wins helped their confidence because at the finals North Shore was the team that held the trophy. They won 4-2.

NC Women’s 4.0 Friday Champions – RC Lake Bluff

RCLB NCW4.0Friday Champions

The NC Women’s 4.0 Friday final took place at Northbrook Racquet Club with RC Lake Bluff playing against Lakeshore. On Wednesday, Lakeshore’s 4.0 Wednesday team came up against Midtown-Chicago and lost 5-1 but this was a different team and they had high hopes. RCLB came into the final with high hopes as well. They had played LSSF in February and had a significant win against them. But some of the players were different and so you never know the outcome until you get out on the courts. It was close. While RCLB won 4-2, four of the six matches went to 3 sets with two of the 3 set matches won on a single break of service. Whew! Nice playing everyone!!!

NC Women’s Open Red Champions – Northbrook

The NC Women’s Open Red Finals took place at College Park Athletic Club with Northbrook playing against North Shore. Both teams have a fine depth of players to choose from and both teams had their teammates supporting them in their efforts on the courts. In the end, Northbrook won 4-2 but every match was hard fought with several matches nearly going to 3 sets. Missing in action was Becky Moffatt who is playing a Father-Daughter tournament in California with father Jerry Morse-Karzen (they are in the Semis!). For more detail about the matches, go to Don’t forget to “like” our page.

NC Women’s 4.0-4.5 Singles Champions – Midtown-Bannockburn 2

MTB 2 and RCLB prior to NCW4.0-4.5 Finals being played

The NC Women’s 4.0-4.5 Singles Final took place at Midtown-Bannockburn with the team from RC Lake Bluff playing against Midtown-Bannockburn 2. Both teams have some seasoned players on their teams. What I thought was interesting was that none of the players had played each other this year. All new match ups. Midtown-Bannockburn 2 had the upper hand this year winning 3-1 (last year they lost the finals 5-4 in sets). Nice playing everyone!! For more detail, go to

NC Women’s 3.0 Doubles Champions – North Shore

The NC Women’s 3.0 Doubles final took place at The Libertyville Club with North Shore playing against Lakeshore. NSRC finally gets to have their name of the trophy winning 3-1. It takes some time to develop players; for the players to get a feel for the game and to gain confidence. All the pros I’ve talked to who work with the players at this level love their passion for the game. Nice playing everyone!! For more detail, go to

NC Women’s 4.5-Open Champions – Northbrook

The Champions of the NC Women’s 4.5-Open Singles is Northbrook who played against Midtown-Bannockburn 2. More details can be found on our Facebook page but it came down to sets with NRC winning 5-4 in sets.

NC Women’s 4.0 Wednesday Doubles Champions – Midtown-Chicago

MTC NCW4.0Wed Champions 2015

Midtown-Chicago will be taking the NC Women’s 4.0 Wednesday Doubles trophy back for the 2nd year in a row. If I were to ask any one of Midtown-Chicago’s players how the matches went, they probably would say it wasn’t easy despite the 5-1 win. Here’s why. On courts 1,2 & 5, it went to 3 sets. On court 3 only a break in each set separated the win from a loss. The 3 setter on court 2 was decided by a tie-breaker and not a match tie-breaker but a 12-point tie-breaker. These matches are marathon matches and it takes a lot of grit and focus and positive support from the team to stay in and not give up no matter the score. Good job Midtown-Chicago AND Lakeshore! Thanks to Five Seasons Sports Club for hosting the Finals.

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